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Save time and Request a payday loan now 

At, you only need a few simple steps to take advantage of an instant online loan and receive cash into your bank account. Choosing a loan – use the bar to indicate the loan amount and repayment date, then click the TAKE LOAN button. Submission of an application – complete the short form on the website or log in if you are already registered on the website. Bank account verification – confirm your account to which we will transfer money to you. You can do it in a few minutes, completely free of charge. Receipt of money – after your application has been approved, you will receive money in your own bank account even in 15 minutes.

Terms of granting loans online on the Jenny Credit platform

Check if you meet all the conditions to receive a quick loan online Farrah! You are at least 18 years old. You have a PESEL number and a valid ID issued in Poland. You are the owner of a personal bank account in a Polish bank. You are registered in Poland. You are a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Credit Act. You have a good credit history. You have successfully registered on Jenny Credit and verified your bank account. A condition for receiving an instant payday loan on the Jenny Credit platform is also a positive creditworthiness assessment.

If the modification to the Agreement introduced by the Lender will involve a change in any commissions or fees accepted in the Agreement, the value of these commissions and fees will increase or decrease after rounding to full zlotys. The fees will be increased or decreased by the amount by which the indicators on which the change is based have changed. 

Modifications to the Agreement are not considered to be such modifications

Which are intended to correct obvious typing errors, if these modifications do not affect the rights and obligations of the Borrower, as well as modifications consisting only in changing the Lender’s contact details or registration, as well as personal data or correspondence of the Borrower. 

Amendments to the provisions of the Agreement or annexes to the Agreement do not affect the terms of the individual Loan granted before the date of entry into force of the above changes.Notary fees *NOT APPLICABLEThe effect of not paying. Lack of payment may have serious consequences for you (e.g. sale of movable or immovable property seized in the course of enforcement proceedings) and may make it difficult to obtain a loan. The effects of non-payment may be for you: 
If the Borrower repays the Loan late, the Lender has the right to charge Interest for the delay in an amount not exceeding the maximum interest for the delay, i.e. twice the sum of the reference rate of the National Bank of Poland and 5.5 percentage points (14% of value per day r.) and carry out writ and debt collection activities. Interest for delay will be automatically adjusted (reduced or increased) to the amount of current maximum interest for delay.