They rejected my business loan. Why?


If they refused your credit, you may find yourself in one of the situations that we will explain below. But first, you should keep in mind that the institutions perform a very complete analysis to determine the feasibility of offering you the credit and that it works as a tool for you. So many have to do with the way you show that you know how to manage financing.


# 1 Do not meet the requirements

loan rejected

We will start with a very basic issue and which many credit applicants downplay. Well, it is important that before you start filling out the application form you make sure that you meet all the requirements established by the institution.

Most financial companies begin by establishing an appropriate age range to determine good terms on your credit. This can be approximately between 25 to 68 years. Similarly, there are requirements such as having a certain amount of fixed income or presenting a guarantee or guarantee. That for this last case, there are already institutions that you can approach without the need to have a joint or several obligation.


# 2 Fill out the application incorrectly

loan problem

Another very particular case for which they perhaps rejected your credit, is because you presented incorrect information. It is necessary that you pay full attention when filling in the fields, since for a minimum detail the data may be inconsistent.

We recommend that you read and collect the correct information so that the data you share can be corroborated as legitimate before the institution.


# 3 Having a bad score in the Credit Bureau

bad score

The score reported by the Credit Bureau serves to know the behavior in payments that you have had in previous credits. Which gives enough information to the institutions about the way you handle your loans and if you are punctual or not. When you have a score equal to or less than 640, they are very likely to reject your request.

To improve you must start making the pending payments you have, try to pay more than the minimum payment and especially pay on time. It is important that you show that you are a good customer so that you even get better credit opportunities.


# 4 Have little credit history

# 4 Have little credit history

Another one of the situations and that has to do with the credit bureau report, is to have little seniority using credits. Since when the financial companies are in front of a possible client that shows little experience in financial commitments, they usually recommend waiting until they build more history. This in order to know better your ability to pay, punctuality and consistency in the management of loans.


# 5 Lack of proof of income

Lack of proof of income

Every institution that offers credits requests that you present proof that demonstrates the amount of income you get. This to have another way more certain of your ability to pay. Although they can ask you for your tax returns or account statements, there are other cases such as a business credit, which as a type of receipt ask for the level of billing. This with the intention of knowing the flow of money that is handled in the company.


# 6 Have a considerable level of indebtedness

debt problem

Finally, you could find yourself in a situation where you have too many credits at once. Something that represents a great credit risk to grant you a new one and that you cannot liquidate. The best financial decision is always to maintain a low level of indebtedness and manage one credit at a time.

How can you tell, the reasons why they may have rejected your business credit are focused on the feasibility of lending you money. Ideally, improve your administrative skills and show that you can be a good loan candidate. It should be noted that while your profile is good, financial companies recognize it and can make you very good offers.