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At, you only need a few simple steps to take advantage of an instant online loan and receive cash into your bank account. Choosing a loan – use the bar to indicate the loan amount and repayment date, then click the TAKE LOAN button. Submission of an application – complete the short form on the website or log in if you are already registered on the website. Bank account verification – confirm your account to which we will transfer money to you. You can do it in a few minutes, completely free of charge. Receipt of money – after your application has been approved, you will receive money in your own bank account even in 15 minutes.

Terms of granting loans online on the Jenny Credit platform

Check if you meet all the conditions to receive a quick loan online Farrah! You are at least 18 years old. You have a PESEL number and a valid ID issued in Poland. You are the owner of a personal bank account in a Polish bank. You are registered in Poland. You are a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Credit Act. You have a good credit history. You have successfully registered on Jenny Credit and verified your bank account. A condition for receiving an instant payday loan on the Jenny Credit platform is also a positive creditworthiness assessment.

If the modification to the Agreement introduced by the Lender will involve a change in any commissions or fees accepted in the Agreement, the value of these commissions and fees will increase or decrease after rounding to full zlotys. The fees will be increased or decreased by the amount by which the indicators on which the change is based have changed. 

Modifications to the Agreement are not considered to be such modifications

Which are intended to correct obvious typing errors, if these modifications do not affect the rights and obligations of the Borrower, as well as modifications consisting only in changing the Lender’s contact details or registration, as well as personal data or correspondence of the Borrower. 

Amendments to the provisions of the Agreement or annexes to the Agreement do not affect the terms of the individual Loan granted before the date of entry into force of the above changes.Notary fees *NOT APPLICABLEThe effect of not paying. Lack of payment may have serious consequences for you (e.g. sale of movable or immovable property seized in the course of enforcement proceedings) and may make it difficult to obtain a loan. The effects of non-payment may be for you: 
If the Borrower repays the Loan late, the Lender has the right to charge Interest for the delay in an amount not exceeding the maximum interest for the delay, i.e. twice the sum of the reference rate of the National Bank of Poland and 5.5 percentage points (14% of value per day r.) and carry out writ and debt collection activities. Interest for delay will be automatically adjusted (reduced or increased) to the amount of current maximum interest for delay. 

They rejected my business loan. Why?


If they refused your credit, you may find yourself in one of the situations that we will explain below. But first, you should keep in mind that the institutions perform a very complete analysis to determine the feasibility of offering you the credit and that it works as a tool for you. So many have to do with the way you show that you know how to manage financing.


# 1 Do not meet the requirements

loan rejected

We will start with a very basic issue and which many credit applicants downplay. Well, it is important that before you start filling out the application form you make sure that you meet all the requirements established by the institution.

Most financial companies begin by establishing an appropriate age range to determine good terms on your credit. This can be approximately between 25 to 68 years. Similarly, there are requirements such as having a certain amount of fixed income or presenting a guarantee or guarantee. That for this last case, there are already institutions that you can approach without the need to have a joint or several obligation.


# 2 Fill out the application incorrectly

loan problem

Another very particular case for which they perhaps rejected your credit, is because you presented incorrect information. It is necessary that you pay full attention when filling in the fields, since for a minimum detail the data may be inconsistent.

We recommend that you read and collect the correct information so that the data you share can be corroborated as legitimate before the institution.


# 3 Having a bad score in the Credit Bureau

bad score

The score reported by the Credit Bureau serves to know the behavior in payments that you have had in previous credits. Which gives enough information to the institutions about the way you handle your loans and if you are punctual or not. When you have a score equal to or less than 640, they are very likely to reject your request.

To improve you must start making the pending payments you have, try to pay more than the minimum payment and especially pay on time. It is important that you show that you are a good customer so that you even get better credit opportunities.


# 4 Have little credit history

# 4 Have little credit history

Another one of the situations and that has to do with the credit bureau report, is to have little seniority using credits. Since when the financial companies are in front of a possible client that shows little experience in financial commitments, they usually recommend waiting until they build more history. This in order to know better your ability to pay, punctuality and consistency in the management of loans.


# 5 Lack of proof of income

Lack of proof of income

Every institution that offers credits requests that you present proof that demonstrates the amount of income you get. This to have another way more certain of your ability to pay. Although they can ask you for your tax returns or account statements, there are other cases such as a business credit, which as a type of receipt ask for the level of billing. This with the intention of knowing the flow of money that is handled in the company.


# 6 Have a considerable level of indebtedness

debt problem

Finally, you could find yourself in a situation where you have too many credits at once. Something that represents a great credit risk to grant you a new one and that you cannot liquidate. The best financial decision is always to maintain a low level of indebtedness and manage one credit at a time.

How can you tell, the reasons why they may have rejected your business credit are focused on the feasibility of lending you money. Ideally, improve your administrative skills and show that you can be a good loan candidate. It should be noted that while your profile is good, financial companies recognize it and can make you very good offers.

Top 5 Benefits and Disadvantages of Payday Loan

At the time of suffocation, taking a loan is the most obvious way out for those who need emergency money, right? However, there are several types of loans that can be made. And all this transaction needs to be very well thought out.

In recent years, payday-deductible loans have grown significantly among those in need of credit. Because it offers several benefits, this type of credit is in high demand at financial institutions.

Interested in learning more about the topic? So, read here everything you need to know about the risks and benefits of payday loans!

What is the payday loan?

payday loan

The payday loan is one of the most common types of credit available on the market. Here, the total amount of debt is paid for in discounted amounts directly from the person’s paycheck or retirement — which makes life easier for both the lender and the recipient.

Normally, these loans are repaid in up to 72 months, and can be taken at most financial institutions.

What are the benefits of this modality?

money loan

Low interest rate

Especially in high interest times, the payday loan can be quite advantageous. This is because their interest rates annually are around 25%, while in overdraft this amount reaches 460%.

In addition, it is important to remember that the interest rate on these loans is fixed, that is, the person who signs the contract already knows how much he will pay on interest. Therefore, it is ideal to do research in various financial institutions in order to find which proposal is most advantageous for you.

Possibility of borrowing loan with negative name

This is not the rule, but many institutions often open payday loans for those with the name in Serasa. Since repayment of the loan amount is directly deducted from the employee’s paycheck or retired, the chances of default, even with the dirty name, are slim. If this is your situation, the payday loan can be a great choice!

Broader credit limit

The credit limit for payday loans is up to 35% of the payee’s salary. Therefore, this type of credit is usually used to pay the most urgent debts, which demand a quick liquidation.

And what are the biggest disadvantages of payday loans?

money loan

Payment without (re) negotiation of dates

Paying off payday loans is perhaps its biggest disadvantage. Because it is automatically discounted, it is not possible to negotiate dates, and the possibility of not paying a portion if you need that money.

If you take out a payday loan, the best thing to do is to consider, your real income for the period, the net value of your salary or retirement minus the amount of the installment to be paid off.

There are a limited number of people who can do it.

To be directly deducted from the payday, only the registered workers, pensioners and retired employees of the INSS and publics can request a credit. If professional with signed portfolio, the company you work for must have an agreement with the financial institution where you want to take out

Since INSS pensioners and withdrawals, as well as civil servants, are much better off with banks as they are considered to be people with greater financial stability. In this way, they are able to achieve better payday loan proposals in the financial entities.

If you are not included in this group, one possibility is to look for a low interest loan. You can compare various possibilities and get personal loans through the GuyToPay website and the application.

Borrow money for apartment

Borrowing money for an apartment? How do you do and what to think about? In this guide we thought about going through the most basic of how to borrow money for an apartment. The guide builds on a continuous basis and you are very welcome to comment below. If you do not find what you are looking for, we have listed some other guides as well that you can click on. When you buy an apartment and borrow money for it, you have to take the collateral up to 85 percent of the value of the apartment. That is, what you buy the apartment for on an open market. Otherwise it is a valuation that is valid and that the bank approves.

Apartment Loan

Apartment Loan

So if you buy an apartment you get a maximum loan of USD 1700,000 with the apartment as security. With a so-called mortgage. Then you must know a lender of at least USD 300,000 of these . Either with your own money that you have saved together or you can take a private loan for these. Thus, a loan where you do not leave the property as collateral for the loan. Here at the top of the list you see where visitors have chosen to borrow money the most number of times just this week. In this way we hope that we can develop the best alternative together with our visitors. And to make the list even more relevant, you can leave ratings and judgments on all options in the list. As well as read our review. You can also read all of our guide on that particular option.

Borrow to lending companies today

Borrow to lending companies today

You can also loan to lending companies but then with a private loan (also called loan loans by some but are two different names on the same type of loan) where you do not leave the home as collateral for the loan. , only a maximum of 85% of the housing value can be borrowed. Above you will find a top list showing the most popular loans to lending companies with our visitors this week.

Can you borrow to lending companies in any way?

Can you borrow to lending companies in any way?

Answer: Yes you can borrow to lending companies but not with the housing as collateral for the loan. If so, you must take a private loan to lending companies. Which is a loan where you do not leave anything in collateral to borrow money. , a home may not be mortgaged more than 85% of the value of the home. Whichever bank it is.

Credit Freedom – A Way To Get Rid Of Debt Restart your life Credit | Debt consolidation

When a loan is taken out, the only wish for many is Credit Freedom.

When a loan is taken out, the only wish for many is Credit Freedom.

This is the moment when you no longer have to think about monthly credit payments, because you just don’t have to. You’ll agree – anyone who has borrowed money at the bank or on the internet dreams of getting out of credit.

If the repayment of the loan initially seems to be a no-brainer, the time comes when the loan repayment problem may arise. Sickness, job loss, pay cuts, or family growth are the main reasons why debt is becoming increasingly difficult.

In situations where a quick loan is taken, the problems are relatively minor, as such loans usually have to be repaid within a few months or years. The biggest problems usually occur to those who have taken out a home loan and owe the bank tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of USD.

Even if you have already paid 20 or 30 thousand USD to the creditor, the lender can dispose of the property without any remorse at the time the problems arise. This option is provided in the credit agreement, which is signed by anyone who buys an apartment or house for hire.

Often, after the property is forfeited and sold (sometimes at an abnormally low price to the market), the borrower still owes the bank a large sum of money. As a result, property is lost but debt remains. This is the outcome that puts a person in a worse position than when applying for a loan.

How to get rid of debt?

How to get rid of debt?

The easiest way to get rid of your loans is to pay them off. Of course, it is much more difficult to do this in real life, and often you have to find another solution that allows you to achieve the desired result faster.

  • Loan refinancing or credit consolidation is a way of moving your current obligations to another lender. This can be advantageous in situations where cooperation has been unsatisfactory, the market situation has improved and lenders are offering lower interest rates. The new lender will also want to make a profit, so interest will have to be paid anyway, but it is probably worth trying. The application is free of charge and only payable if the contract is actually signed.
  • Selling valuables or property allows you to raise extra money. Having a small loan amount can help you get out of debt, provided you are not too attached to your belongings. Sometimes the emotional attachment is very strong and people are ready to work on the idea all their lives to keep their property or belongings.
  • Extra income is a good way to earn more and pay off debt faster. Abroad, it is not unusual to work in multiple jobs or to work outside your main job in a small company. Even holiday shopping with off-the-shelf lotteries, sugar candy or baked potatoes can help you earn tens or even hundreds of USD a day. There is a wide range of options, so all you have to do is find the one that suits you best. Often people feel that their abilities are insufficient, but only those who dare and act are successful.
  • Escape abroad is relatively popular. At a time when things are getting too complicated, some compatriots choose to emigrate and start a new life. Unfortunately, within the EU, data is exchanged and debt collectors find debtors outside Latvia. It should also be borne in mind that the payment of debts is not time-barred, provided that the lender sends an invitation to pay debts every 10 years. You may not have to worry about your old debts when you start living in Africa, America or Australia, at least until data is exchanged with third countries.
  • Insolvency is possible if your current debts are at least € 5,000 or less in a year or so that you cannot pay off to € 10,000. Bankruptcy or bankruptcy procedures for individuals are relatively simple but require active action. An application must be made to the court, the court will appoint the insolvency administrator. After that, you have to follow the rules of the insolvency administrator and pay according to the schedule. The debtor’s property is also sold to satisfy the creditor’s claims, but if you do not own the property, you should not worry about it. Creditors also have to pay a certain amount each month during the insolvency proceedings. The amount of payments is tied to your income and some of the funds are always left to cover your basic needs. You can find out more about this possibility in the Insolvency Law, but it is worth mentioning that several hundred or even thousands of people in Latvia use this opportunity every year. After an artistic process, you would no longer have to think about getting out of debt, because they would all be extinguished. All you have to do is dare.

We can conclude that there are many different ways to get rid of debt or fast loans in Latvia. Yes, not everything is nice and requires active action, but by taking a year or two today, you might already have gotten rid of all your debts and started living off a clean sheet.

Consumer credit

Consumer credit is a relatively new type of short-term credit for Latvia. You can use it to borrow a certain amount that you can spend at your own discretion – for a purchase, travel, tuition, etc. This article will look at common creditor claims for consumer credit, as well as tips on how to get more (and lose less), when you apply for a consumer credit.

What do you need to know when you want to take a consumer loan?


First, you can save when you apply for a consumer loan by simply comparing offers. This can easily be done on the lenders’ websites, but keep in mind that not everywhere is transparent interest rates and sometimes they are only given after evaluating your ability to repay the loan, etc. Because consumer loan interest payments and maximum loan amount depend on your Monthly income, if you have lower monthly income, it may be more profitable to take a fixed interest rate loan, but if you have a higher income, you are “in love” with the banks, so it is safer to lend and hence the interest rate goes down.

Second, always look into credit processing fees. It seems that the difference of five dollars in the price of the design does not matter if the other lender has a lower interest rate, but the design fees are not always the ones found in the documents. Additionally, there may be additional fees associated with setting up an account with a lender if you have not yet used the services of a lender. And such costs are not always so small.

Finally, keep in mind that there are different ways to pay your loan. Payment may be degressive or uniform; in the first case, the interest paid back will be lower, and the first payments will be higher, so you will pay less each month. In contrast, the single payment method allows you to plan your budget more freely and predictably, since the monthly payment does not change, but in this case you will pay more in interest payments.

What does it take to get a consumer loan?


● Stable and regular income;

● Good credit history, or at least data on it;

● Most lenders lend only from the age of 21;

● Passport required;

● Data on your income for at least the last 3 months;

Make a purchase that you will not regret


Consumer credit is a good option if you want to make a purchase that you will not regret having to limit your finances for a while. Interest rates on consumer loans are higher than on almost all long-term loans, but they are not astronomical and, in most cases, even advantageous considering that it is a short-term loan. If you borrow responsibly, you will only gain by using a consumer loan.

How Much Money Can You Make for a Home for a Home Savings Contract? – Loan

Housing savings fund savings are basically subject to uniform rules, but this does not mean that it makes any difference to which financial institution and which home savings product we contract with when choosing this form of savings.

Therefore, it is worth comparing your offers, preferably in as many ways as possible. Our article now focuses on examining the amounts available at the end of the savings.

Home savings savings are among the virtually risk-free savings

Home savings savings are among the virtually risk-free savings

As you know – we have written about it several times – thanks to the 30 percent (up to HUF 72,000) state subsidy per annum, home savings savings are among the virtually risk-free savings that ensure high returns. The savings period is 4 to 10 years. The account opening fee is 1 percent of the contract amount, which can be reduced with more or less terms and conditions at most home savings deals.

The account management fee is HUF 150 per month. The deposit amount is subject to a fixed deposit interest, without interest tax. During or at the end of the savings period, you can apply for a favorable forint loan with a fixed interest rate and repayment installments in addition to the savings.

It is already well-known about home savings that although we can apply for state support for only one LTP contract at a time, the family can sign several contracts and later use the money for a common purpose .

When we want to sign a home savings bank contract 


Many of us have the housing target for which we would spend the money after the savings period or through bridging solutions before it expires. Of course, we do not consider it impossible to figure out what you want to spend the money on, just after the conclusion of the contract or just before the end of the savings period. It is important to know that this amount can only be used for housing purposes , but its use for housing purposes can take many forms.

The contract amount consists of our savings (self-deposit + deposit interest + government subsidy) and a low-interest home loan. You are not required to take out a mortgage at the end of the savings period, or you may choose to apply only for savings plus interest and government support. With a comparative calculator, you can easily see how much money you have in your savings account over the years, and how much you will have with your home loan to help you reach your home goal.

If you only count on savings


While we may decide by the end of the savings period that we only want the money saved on the home savings account to be paid by the financial institution or if we need a loan to fulfill our housing purpose, it is worthwhile to calculate how much savings we will have at maturity.

In this case, the savings mean our monthly payments (assuming a monthly payment of HUF 20,000 in the tables), state subsidy and the deposit interest on our payment.

Fast cash credit

Money is an important part of human life. Money is needed for a person to live a quality life. Credit is one of the solutions for ensuring a quality life. Fast credit is one of the solutions to solve small money problems.


First credit free

First credit free

The first free loan means that you will not have to pay the lender for servicing the loan and borrowing. The profits of a fast credit company come from loans that are subject to interest and commission, interest only, commission only. Most popular lenders give out first interest free loans and commissions. If you have already borrowed from a credit company, then when borrowing again, the loan repayment amount is accompanied by interest or commission.


Receiving quick loans

Receiving quick loans

Quick credit can be obtained from the lender’s website. Choose a quick loan provider and go to the lender’s website. In a few simple steps, you can get your quick credit in minutes. You must complete a simple registration, during which you must enter your information. You are not required to have a copy of your passport, references and guarantors. You won’t have to go to a credit institution to submit a stack of papers, and you won’t have to spend your time getting a small amount of money. You can get credit on the internet with a bank account, a mobile phone and an email box. This is all you need to get instant credit online without any additional requirements. The lender is entitled to refuse the loan, notifying you. The lender is not obliged to justify its refusal to grant the cash loan. If you are of age, you are not in debt registers, you are in compliance with other details, then the quick cash credit will definitely be issued to you within a few minutes.


Compare fast loans online

Compare fast loans online

You may have seen instant credit advertising on TV, the Internet, in the newspaper, on the bus, in the tram and more. You cannot evaluate how good this lender is unless you have heard of other Latvian lenders. Click here to see the offers of Latvian fast credit providers. The Polonius website provides descriptions of all Latvian lenders.

If you plan to borrow on the Internet, plan to borrow from friends, plan to borrow at banks, plan to borrow at Latvian Post or elsewhere, evaluate your ability to repay. Credit, fast credit, leasing are liabilities that need to be met responsibly.

This was an article on instant cash credit, but Polonius also found other articles on credit – quick credit, SMS credit, corporate credit and short term loans.

Consumer credit to individuals

Consumer credit is a short-term credit intended to cover the purchase of a service or service. Consumer credit is provided to individuals by banks. The most important amount you can get when applying for a consumer loan will be the regularity and amount of your income, as well as the term for which you are applying for the loan. It is issued without a pledge, but your bank will determine your chances to repay the loan, so you can only take out a consumer loan if you have a regular income. In addition, there are other criteria by which banks evaluate whether and under what conditions to lend you a consumer loan.


To qualify for a consumer credit, you must have:

consumer credit

  • Stable income and satisfactory credit history;
  • At least ~ 21 years old;
  • Identity document (passport);
  • Income and Expense Statement if you do not receive pay at the bank where you borrow.


Other conditions often exist, but they can vary depending on where you borrow. It is worth noting that consumer credit has its advantages over other types of credit. It is easier to borrow such a loan than, for example, a mortgage, you get the money right after the contract, etc.


Advantages of consumer credit:

Advantages of consumer credit:

  • You can get the funds you need relatively quickly;
  • Expected monthly payments;
  • There are no conditions as to where the money should be spent;
  • Monthly payment decreases if the repayment term is increased;

Consumer credit also has its downsides: you have to pay more money in interest payments than taking a long-term loan, both because banks have a certain amount of risk in consumer credit and because it is a short-term credit. Consumer credit also involves significant one-off ‘invisible’ charges, such as payment for the completion of a contract or for late payment.

In addition, as you borrow from a bank, you also need a guarantor, which is often quite problematic. And of course, consumer credit comes with all the risks associated with credit in general: the debt burden can reduce the quality of life; monthly payments reduce your financial freedom; etc.


When to Borrow Consumer Credit?

When to Borrow Consumer Credit?

A consumer loan can be borrowed in a myriad of situations where you need financial resources and it is not worth listing them because you yourself know what you want to buy with the money you borrow.

The most important thing about borrowing consumer credit as an individual is that you need to be sure that your sources of income will not be lost and that new debt will not make your life unbearable.

Text Loans Fast Financial Support Through Mobile

Now that everything will be finally over you’re possibly wondering: what should I perform after bankruptcy?

Well, begin, of course! Build up your credit score and get yourself into a healthful place financially so that budget can become a smaller part of your daily life.

In Come July 1st of 2004, we offered in. We lost the apartment and our vehicle. We lost even the capability to get a new apartment, or perhaps a checking account. Suddenly, with 3 kids and pet viewers, we found ourselves destitute.

There are many persons that have kick-started their economic life by making use of debt settlement. In case you fail, you always may sell your assets as being a last-ditch approach to avoid bankruptcy. In either case, you might be the person who benefits the most.

The monetary agencies have proven they can handle this debt instances very well

Large numbers of people are pleased with the results allotted by these businesses. The most important factor is that the particular debtor has to choose the right choice to solve his debt weight bankruptcy- Freeantivirussoftwarereviews bankruptcy. Let us discuss the popular options currently available in the market.

The simple availability of loans has made this easy for lenders to satisfy their particular needs. However, what happens with time is that they end up accumulating a lot more debt which they fail to pay back. A debt management consultant can help you immensely to get over this challenge. This help is delivered by a group of financial agents that has an in-depth knowledge in coping with such problems.

Aside from the inconvenience, there is a rather apparent problem. I need to move the site, but how can I get it done? The platform company did all of the programmings and has all the program code. I don’t. Even worse, the truth they are in bankruptcy right now means I am going to have to request the court for the program code, which I might or may not get since the creditor may also be trying to get it. Even if I actually do get it, the process is going to get months if not years and am have the Christmas shopping time period just around the corner! What a disaster.

They will be able to tell you ways to better deal with that degree of debt. If you do pay off your own credit cards, be sure not too near them. You may need access to that will money in an emergency situation. Therefore keep at least 2 bank cards on hand for unexpected circumstances should they arise.

For the Charge card user, it is always advantageous to get rid of the entire debt by paying out just 50 percent of it. This is actually the fastest route to a financial debt-free life.